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DevOps Support

Customized DevOps training materials tailor-made to suit your business needs

DevOps Training

Extensive training to ensure that your workforce understands how DevOps and Cloud Technologies work

DevOps enables you to bring your operations and development teams together for improved business efficiency. However, you need to ensure that your workforce understands how DevOps works to make a difference to your organization.

Here’s where DevOps Enabler & Co. comes in. Along with our DevOps Managed Services, we also offer training materials to organizations. Our training materials are usually in the form of videos, which are tailor-made to your organization’s needs. Not only do we provide tutorials on various DevOps and cloud management tools, but we also focus on how the tools will be used by your organization. We create highly customized training material for our clients based on the specific tools that they use. We also provide training videos on upgraded features and versions of tools which clients have previously been using. Our focus and commitment to providing customized training material specific to your organization is what really separates us from other service providers.

Thanks to us, you need not spend any money on onsite or offsite training. We’ll provide you with all the training materials you need, which your workforce can access from anywhere. Our training materials are provided through the cloud. Here’s a sample of what our training videos look like: